Litho Printing Finchley

What is Lithographic Printing?

Lithographic printing is also known as litho printing, lithography, offset printing, planography and planographic printing. Lithographic printing is based on the principle that oil/ink doesn’t mix with water. The type of printing is commonly used by us for prints in Finchley that require multiple, if not hundreds of the same item.

Litho Printing in Finchley

Here at Copy Write Printers we offer litho printing to customers in Finchley and the surrounding areas. Litho printing can be used by businesses in Finchley that require a large number of copies or leaflets, brochures, flyer and business cards. If you’re in need of a cost effective way to print a large quantity of business cards, brochures, leaflets or flyers for your business, lithographic printing from Copy Write Printers in Finchley is definitely the way forward.

What Are The Benefits of Lithographic Printing

There are many different advantages to businesses in Finchley when it comes to lithographic printing, which is why we’ve decided to outline a few of them below. Some of the main advantages of choosing lithographic printing include:

  • Large quantity with cost effective prices
  • The more you print, the cheaper it becomes
  • Prints the highest quality products, with great detail
  • Uses special custom inks (metallic and Pantone colours)
  • A variety of paper types can be used for custom finishes

The Lithographic Printing Process

Our lithographic printing process in Finchley is carried out in four stages. The images and text provided by the customer are transferred onto a printing plate using a laser. Lithographic printing is completed by simply having a flat surface in every area of the card or paper, meaning the image and non-image areas are on the same level.

The process looks a lot like the old fashioned way for drying your clothes, where they would be pulled through a clothes wringer. The spot you’d place your clothes in between the cylinders is where your paper or card is inserted and the cylinders contain ink for the litho printing process. The four stages of lithographic printing are:

  • The images and text is provided, then the printing plate will contain the images that are due to be printed.
  • The printing plate is kept dampened, the ink is then applied to the plate but will be repelled from the dampened areas (which are the non-image areas).
  • As the printing cylinder begins to rotate, the ink is transferred onto a rubber blanket cylinder.
  • With the ink now transferred onto the rubber blanket cylinder, it is then pressed onto the chosen paper or card whilst being pushed through the machine.

As modern technology has improved, some lithographic printing machines have improved too, and involve putting the image onto the printing plate by shining ultraviolet light through a negative. Then, the plate is coated with a specific chemical, which allows the ink to attach to the image area.

Lithographic Printing In Finchley – Call Copy Write Printers Today

If you require additional information on the litho printing services that we offer throughout Finchley and the surrounding areas, be sure to get in touch with our expert team today. We’re always here to take your call, deal with any enquiries and answer any questions that you may have regarding out fantastic lithographic printing services. We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you in any way we possibly can. With years of experience as litho printers, we have have all of your printing needs covered.

We also offer printing services throughout Hendon.

Lithographic Printing FAQs

All of our litho printing is priced on an individual basis. When it comes to needing litho printing in Finchley, be sure to contact Copy Write Printers. We offer a highly competitively priced lithographic printing service.

Bleed is the extra image or color that extends beyond the trim edge of your printed piece. We request that you add a minimum 1/8″ bleed if your files require trims that bleed. Bleeding your images or color beyond the edge of your document will eliminate a white edge showing when the printed job is trimmed to final size.

If you’d like place an order for litho printing, then simply get in touch with Copy Write Printers. We are happy to discuss your needs and will guide you through the ways to send in your artwork or alternatively we can design it for you.

Litho printing is great for long run print jobs. It offers a great quick printing service and is a low cost printing solution for anyone wanting to print a large amount of printed products. We’re always to happy any questions about why people should use lithographic printing.

It’s always hard to give an exact time from for lithographic printing. When you choose Copy Write Printers, we’ll do our best to ensure your printing is carried out as efficiently as possible. We’ll also give you an estimated deadline date that your printing will be completed by.

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